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Winter swimming

Winter swimming Susanna Soeberg

Wild swimming is a difficult thing to be introduced to.

If you had not ever been exposed to sea/wild swimming at a young age where you didn’t really know any better (or had little of a choice in the matter), on paper it is difficult to try and understand the ‘WHY ?’

It is Cold, Wet, and Uncontrollable.

It is potentially dangerous at times if you don’t know what you are doing.

It is usually dull grey skies out.

It is often difficult to even get to the sea.

You are at the mercy of the wildness of the elements.

“So why has so many people started doing it?”

One of the many missions of Fad Saoil Saunas is to be the helping hand to help people understand the beauty of this practice.

Anyone who does decide to take to the plunge and commit has a totally unique goal, reason or motivator.

‘Winter Swimming’ by Susanna Soeberg is literally the first book that I feel explains this experience from a balanced anecdotal, experiential, scientific perspective.

I have swam nearly all of my life and I always still to this day struggle to explain to people, ‘The Feeling’.

If you don’t have a good relationship with someone and a foundation of trust built it is very difficult to go off somebody’s ‘feeling’ and listen to their advice at face value.

In order to be challenged with something that you deem to be very difficult, you would want to have a certain level of curiosity in order to be ins

pired to do something that on paper you believe you should not be able to achieve or overcome.

Susanna begins the book explaining how she got into Winter Swimming and starts off explaining how she has not always been a swimmer (but I won’t ruin the story for you).

This is where for me I found fascinating as I personally never can remember when I had to overcome the barriers that are faced with this practice merely because of two main factors;

· Pure Naivety (I never knew any better)

· My ‘Why’ was always there (without even knowing it)

Susana is one of the leading researchers in the world of thermoregulation that explains the different triggering of hormones and production proteins within the body that occurs during the ‘Cold Shock Response’ through

deliberate cold winter swimming and ‘Heat Shock Response’ through deliberate heat exposure from sauna bathing.

For my first book to have finished in 2023 I can honestly say for anyone who has ever even thought about asking a question like;

“Why the hell do people do that?”

You’ll get a real insight to the why.

But more importantly, for the person who already has taken up this practice (and understands the feeling and sensations), this book delves into another layer to allow you to understand a deeper meaningful relationship within yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. It will help enable you to build a bulletproof lifestyle habit for your physical and mental wellbeing throughout a sustained balanced understanding of the


Here is the link below and please let me know if anyone wants to borrow my copy or can recommend any other books that they think I may enjoy.

And as always,

Fad Saoil!

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