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What wood you choose ?

Wood is one of the most natural elements to our entire being. Being surrounded by wood, sensing , smelling is meditative.

I can’t say I have been surrounded by the woods and have always had a love and yearning to just be one with the woods and the natural elements. The more and more I am around it, smell it, feel it the more appreciation I have for the craft and the processes.

I would be the first to admit I would often take for granted trees, woodlands, fields. The sea is easy for me to connect and give it the respect as I was always around it. It was something I always just did and never really questioned and learnt everything I know through experiencing it myself.

The many positives that I am grateful for with the lockdown period has been the ability to begin to slow down and appreciate the many more natural elements that I am lucky to surround myself with.

Wood :

People who work with wood understand that is more than just a fuel, a product, a tangible asset, its personal business. The way you produce your wood tells a lot about you and your love of one of our most ancient natural elements we have in the world.

Learning about wood is teaching me about the many different types, processes and aspects to it.

We at Fad Saoil Saunas want to work with people who’s values are within the company. The DNA of their being is transparent in their service, business, product. Finding out what are the best types to use for our saunas, what kind of heat each type of wood gives out, is it long lasting heat? , is it a burst of heat?, how dry should it be? All of these variables to consider when ensuring you have the best experience to rest, relax, rejuvenate with us at Fad Saoil is truly fascinating. We are using our time during lockdown to not only educate ourselves more in this process but how we can improve our ways from a more sustainable way. How we can maybe help other parts of the process by upcycling and using non wanted wood. Its really has been a gift of time that has allowed us to research these potential opportunities to make sure when we get back out there it will be better then ever before and being able to back it up with action is what we are finding as our motivation through lockdown.

Wood stacking, wood chopping, wood growers, wood burners, wood researchers are all a part of the many meditative processes to the craft. We are learning about how important what type of wood is used, how it is used, how it is stacked within our Finish wood burners and how important it can be to that specific fire and that sauna room temperature.

We want to produce the utmost best quality of a service, the best experience and you can only succeed this with using not only the best products but working and collaborating with those who have experience and love for their craft. We like speaking and working with people who are using their talents as a medium to create positive social impacts by influencing and empowering others to do so in whatever aspects of life they are in. There is nothing more inspiring then speaking, seeing or listening to someone who has a true passion for what it is they do. We enjoy collaborating with those in the love of the art and who are willing to help us learn about the importance of these intricate processes. Lars Mytting is the author of ‘Norwegian Wood’ which has made him a household name in Scandinavian culture. I have found it a great book to delve into the details of the many practices of wood, the culture behind the Scandinavian ways and how we can maybe learn more about our Irish cultures and ways of processing our native lands.

It gives us even more of a reason to want to ensure every aspect we are involved in when delivering our service is certified with educated detail and love of craft.

At the end of the day anybody with the right tools can start a fire, but, you know if you have ever been lucky enough to have heard of somebody who even talks about their fire and been present to have felt what type of fire they had produced, you know there is more to it than just the flame.

Fad Saoil.

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