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What A Week

“You know what, life’s beginning to feel like normal again with the sauna back at the Forty Foot!”… It’s such a pleasure of ours to be able to provide a service to our community which brings such happiness and awe to those who see and use the sauna, and to be the staple of normality for the swimming community after being gone so long really does mean a lot!

What a busy week we’ve had, but it feels amazing to be properly busy once again after months of being out of operation down at the Forty Foot. The Sauna being back at the Forty Foot was a surprising sight for many as they awoke to their morning swimming routine over the weekend, but we are so grateful for the warm welcome back from an incredible amount of people. It’s the kind gestures like the ones we have been receiving over the last few days that made us get through and survive those grueling days of endless uncertainty with the absence of the Sauna at the Forty Foot.

Now we are BACK… and back with a bang! Thank you for everyone supporting us this weekend with booking a Sauna session (or two or three for a few, we love you!), the start of the new beginning 😊. This is a great time to remind you of our other Sauna benefit related blogs now that you can reap those benefits once again, such as performance benefits, mental health benefits, cardiovascular benefits, that’s just to name a few, there’s honestly loads to keep you busy throughout the week so check out our other blogs 😊. Remember bookings are going live at 1pm on Tuesday for next weekend, with all the positive vibes and feedback we expect it to book up so make sure you get in early to get your preferred time.

We are taking all the precautions we can to make our Sauna is as safe as it can be during this period. You can only book online and everyone will have filled out a COVID-19 related form allowing us to follow up on anyone through our database. Our classes have been reduced to 4 people at a time, allowing for a social distancing to take place with over 2 meters between each person. Each person’s temperature is taken before entering the Sauna. When entering and exiting the door is operated by staff to reduce contaminating surfaces. Whiles in the Sauna we require everyone to sit on their own towel again to reduce surface contact. All our staff have been trained with the latest Peninsula COVID-19 Employee Training before returning to work. All our staff will be wearing masks and gloves, and will sanitize the Sauna after every session. We have and will do whatever we can to make our community feel safe and comfortable with us 😊.

As well as all the preparation for this weekend’s operations, we got to interview the amazing Claire Walsh during the week, one of our new ambassadors at Fad Saoil Saunas, we are building up a mass of quality content for you guys and gals and we are definitely going to keep it up so stay tuned!

Thank you again everyone for such an amazing first week back, we couldn’t have done it without you! 😊

Fad Saoil x

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