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It really is crazy to think about the last day we were in operation with the Sauna down at the Forty Foot, almost feels like another lifetime ago, tracing all the way back to March 13th, that is a staggering 114 days ago, nearly a THIRD of the calendar year!!... Insane right?! But my oh my, how much this wait will be worth it, the first day back is going to be spectacular, our community, our great friends, our sauna, and the beautiful Irish ocean, all as one again 😊

Times have been tough, this unforeseen pandemic has certainly derailed many cool plans of ours and for everyone around us, but we are very grateful for many things over this period, not just us as a company but our community should be happy and proud of how we have tackled the last few months! Our community has really come together on this one, helping those who need it most and keeping our spirits high as we swam through the negativity. You all have really been amazing, whether it has been a smile and chat in person, or a message and a like behind a screen, it all means a lot! 😊

We of course had to pivot quite dramatically to keep Fad Saoil Saunas relevant during this period as our Sauna service was made redundant. You have all seen the selection of Oofos sliders which we have been selling and fortunately they have been a great hit within our community. Recovery and comfort in perfect harmony, however you have to experience it for yourself, words don’t do them justice. For those interested we are offering 3 pairs for the price of 2 on our website with the code “Fad Saoil Summer” 😊

Recently we have furthered our services and abilities, with our amazing ambassadors on-board and announcing of the Sauna hire option for parties or events, it’s all beginning to kick off! And if you thought that was it, I can assure you that you’re wrong, we have A LOT in store for the near future 😊. A little sneak peak into the lives of our ambassadors is just one of the things to look forward to!

We wish to thank everyone for your continuous support of us, but we are not the only small business out there so please go support them as they are likely the ones to be most affected by these times! There’s friends of ours who deserve a shoutout, so honourable mention to Mugs Café in Dalkey, Hatch Coffee in Glasthule, and The Juice Boxx in Sandyford, all liquid energy kings which we love! If you didn’t know who a few of our friends are, go show them some love as you have done with us 😊

All in all we hope everyone is taking advantage of and enjoying the “reopening” of the country, though we are not back yet (very soon!) we are excited about what we have in the pipeline, so stay tuned and again thank you!

Fad Saoil x

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