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The Fad Saoil Journey

Incredible work from all the Fad Saoil Saunas staff, friends, and community to get to where we are today, after just celebrating our first full year of operations, we now have another Sauna to add to the old faithful down at the Forty Foot. It’s a privilege to be in the position we are in and can’t thank everyone who’s been involved enough, but we will not sit back and relax (unlike all you lucky Sauna users 😉), our journey is far from over!

Our new area, just around the corner to the Forty Foot and our Sauna there, it offers a new and unique experience which is not on offer anywhere else in Ireland! And if you have enjoyed spending time with us before, then we are confident you will have a blast at our new place in the Sandycove Store and Yard 😊. If you want to be pampered a bit more, then it’s the perfect spot, as we offer longer times for the Sauna so you’re under no time pressure, a special cold shower you’ve got to see, and a private area in which you can really sit back, relax, and most importantly… rejuvenate through the power of Sauna 😊, but also if you didn’t think that was enough, you can order your coffee, juice, and food to the Fad Saoil Yard and have it brought over during your stay with us.

We will still be operating in the Forty Foot as we know how important it is for all you sea swimmers, especially as we enter into the colder months of the year, but as you may know that we are not there everyday and all day, this is due to our operating permit, and those limited times have been booked up pretty fast of late. The solution is the Fad Saoil Yard, only being a few minutes’ walk away, we are now able to operate 7 days a week, from 6am to 6pm! This is more than doubling our existing Sauna slot availability, in the hopes that our community has the chance to avail of our services once, if not more times a week 😊. The evidence suggests that the plethora of beneficial effects Sauna use can induce, one time in our sauna can make you feel great, but multiple times a week can increase the benefits even more. Perfect time to inform yourself about the health benefits of Sauna, check out our other health related blogs we have written, and the “Health Benefits” section of our website 😊.

To make this possible it hasn’t been easy, and what a hectic build-up to the opening of our new area of operations but all the hard work and sleepless nights has all been worth it for such an amazing reception from everyone who visited us over the last few days with the opening of the Sandycove Store and Yard 😊. We have a few finished touches to do but we are nearly there, and we are so happy with how it has turned out, we hope you like it too!

Now with a new Sauna and us now operating 7 days a week, we have had to change when bookings go live. Bookings usually go live on Tuesday 1pm, however now bookings will always be live up to a week in advance, for example it is 6pm on a Sunday and you wish to join us in one of our two Sauna areas, all sessions will be live to book up to 6pm of Sunday a week later. Hopefully now you can book at the time that suits you best 😊.

It’s has been an incredibly busy week, but incredibly happy to be busy doing something we love.

Fad Saoil x

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