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Taking Steps Forward

Not exactly the best news to be dealt with as restrictions due to COVID-19 increase but one we shouldn’t dwell on, or let the negativity mount, a positive headspace is as important as ever now especially after months of anguish. Keep up the things you can do, and that you enjoy, do the best you can to make sure you’re happy in the situation you’re in. Fortunately for us and for our community is that we are still allowed to operate as per usual, which is amazing as there are not many frowns involved in a Swim & Sauna! 😊. The only difference we face now for our operations is that if you are traveling from outside Dublin, you will not be able to use our facilities unfortunately, hopefully this will change in the near future!

When restrictions were set in place the last time, there was an increased number of swimmers at the Forty Foot, it’s always great to get out when you’re feeling a bit agitated by the world, and swimming is a great release! However, please be careful, though we’ve had some incredibly nice days in September which hasn’t always been the case throughout the years, we can not forget that Ireland can get pretty windy and wavey, and that should take precedent over getting out for a swim at the Forty Foot. The Forty Foot at times can be quite exposed to the elements depending on the wind direction, if the water looks unsafe, it probably is unsafe, so air on the side of caution in this case, the water can be unforgiving. We urge people to never swim by themselves, it doesn’t matter how good you are as things can just happen, always have someone to look out for you whether that is a swimming buddy or a group you swim with 😊.

Whiles some things in our lives are taking an unfortunate step back, we hope to keep everyone’s spirits high by taking steps forward 😊. Over the last week alone we got a small amount of Fad Saoil Saunas swimwear in a collab with NoodleBagz, which we ran a competition on our Instagram page to win a number of pairs of the swimwear, and a private 30-minute Sauna session with us! This won’t be the last competition we will be running so go keep an eye out 😉.

Onto even more uplifting news, quite big news actually which you may have seen hits to over social media… we officially have ANOTHER SAUNA coming into operation!! We weren’t lying when we said, “we have big things in the pipeline” 😊. We will soon be operating also in the Sandycove Store and Yard, everyone knows one way or the other about the locally famous old Buckley’s Auctioneering House, well now it is soon to be one of the most unique places south of Dublin City, go give them a follow to keep up with the latest news around the grand opening and the other businesses involved 😊 (

Fad Saoil Saunas, along with many other amazing companies are coming together to bring this idea to fruition. For those looking for an amazing experience away from the waves, you can come have your Sauna, cold shower, and with changing facilities, in our new and exciting place at the Sandycove Store and Yard. Then take in everything else on offer, place to eat, a café with cold pressed juices, as well as being able to browse the other amazing businesses on display such as a florist, a framer, loads of interior design, and places to sit back and relax, all under the same roof! (and sky 😉).

Go give all involved a follow on Instagram!

Stay safe, in & out of the water!

Fad Saoil x

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