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Sitting Waiting Wishing

As we wait patiently for restrictions to ease in these weird times we find ourselves in, it has given us time to reflect, regroup and rebuild.

With the launch of our business in September 2019, it was a little overwhelming at how popular our concept was.

The collaboration with Iron man 70.3 held in Dún Laoghaire gave us the opportunity to showcase our unit and provide our service. It was amazing to see these top athletes using our unit as their form of recovery in order to prepare themselves for one of the most physically demanding races out there today.

Not only were the athletes using it but it gained traction and enticed swimmers,walkers,tourists to stop and ask ;

"What is this?"

Off the back of this launch we were booked to operate in the artists arena for the 2019 Electric Picnic Festival. It was incredible to see these global stars and they're management team use our facility to recoup and recover from their intense travel itineraries or post performance.

It was a chance for them to get away from the hustle and bustle, get back from their comedown and SWEAT IT OUT!

Now that we have launched and had some amazing winter swimming experiences shared with so many of you , it's given us time to go back and improve our service once we re-launch.

We now know what impact Fad Saoil Saunas has had on people, we now know how important it has been for people to get their swim in, what we now know what we need to do is shout it from the rooftops.

Our Goal is simple:

We want to Communicate, Educate and Inspire people about the powers of the sauna and the sea.

We want to make our facility available to anybody who wishes to seek this unique experience through the use of a top class Sauna Facility and Embrace the Unknown.

We have taken on board the feedback from our customers and are getting some changes and revamps to our service in order to produce a consistent quality of service when we can get back out there!

We like many other small businesses have had to pivot and change how we operate.

We are taking this time to embrace the change with creating our online ecommerce platforms and collaborating with other like minded businesses with similar values and beliefs.

Many more announcements to come on our behalf and we cannot wait to get back out there when it is needed the most !

Fad Saoil!

A little video from Irish Rugby 7s Team member Harry Mc Nulty showcasing how our service operates, enhances an experience and enhances longevity.

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