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Sauna Health

As I am writing this preparing for Freezbury 2021 Challenge. I am sad we won’t be able to help as many sea swimmers and dippers as possible with our services.

Our mission ;

“To communicate, educate and inspire people about the powers of the sauna”

A mission to me is something that once you read, hear or see, you know what the objective is of the organisation, person or conversation no matter the level of knowledge in any field, topic or environment. Since we have not been currently operating we thought it would not be fair to speak about the benefits of sauna and not offer our services but... it is our mission.

We want everyone who seeks an enhancement in their lifestyle to know about the potential health benefits that are being discovered and backed with credible scientific research. We will be drip feeding gently introducing the research and focusing on many of the main health benefits of sauna use weekly. There is usually a lot of scientific jargon to get through but our job is to try and colloquialise (if thats a word!) the language and make sure it can connect and resonate with you in some way.


If you live in a temperate or colder climate, you’re likely all too familiar with chilly weather. Drafty windows, cold sea swims, working outside can all contribute to body aches, cold fingertips, and even lowered body temperature (all good reasons to step straight into a hot sauna ;)). It is important to make sure you efficiently heat up and regulate your body’s core temperature. Humans self-regulate body temperature with the hypothalamus, a part of that brain that compares your current internal temperature to your body’s “normal” temperature (typically between 36.1°C and 37.2°C according to Mayo Clinic Research). When your temperature starts to drop below what’s normal for you, your body gets the signal to generate heat. Unless you’re experiencing hypothermia, your core temperature is typically pretty stable. But your skin temperature (how your fingers, toes, legs, arms, and forehead feel) may start to go down as cold air steals heat from your body. Your body is always adapting its temperature in response to environmental conditions (for example, your body temperature increases when you exercise). An intentional raise in your body’s core temperature can be beneficial for many reasons, but, it is also very important how you warm it up. As opposed to just sticking on the heating or air con in the car it is important for your body’s ability to regulate its heat itself.

The combination of heat therapy from sauna use and cold water immersion can be seen to accelerate the body's ability to;

· reduce inflammation

· increase blood flow,

· clear lactate and an acceleration of blood plasma production.

Heat therapy through sauna gives the body its ability to fight. Exposing the body to ‘Hard Nature’ conditions which makes the body to function, adapt and produce what is needed in the environment you find yourself in. This is why it is important to acclimatise yourself to heat through sauna use or even through exercise. This will induce adaptations such as an overall improvement of cardiovascular and thermoregulatory mechanics (we will delve deeper into these many benefits soon), which will in turn help improve lifestyle, performance and overall well being.

The heat of the Sauna can improve heart function, increase blood flow to the muscles and other tissues, increase red blood cell count which are our oxygen carriers (essential to endurance activities and overall survival) which means more oxygen transported to the muscles. In terms of thermoregulatory mechanisms, heat exposure improves your ability to reduce core body temperature when it gets too high through endurance activities. This can be helpful when trying to fight infection, improve physical ability through performance and also... it’s usually lovely to get some heat on your bones when consistently enduring cold weather climates.

It’s fascinating really to see the research that is coming out. Obviously we at Fad Saoil find it very easy to get lost in the excitement in how sitting in a hot room can have all of these life enhancements and can make such an impact on your physical body, your psychological mind and your overall wellness with minimum effort really, but we just need you to experience it yourself. You can literally feel your body acting, reacting adapting you may not know exactly what it is that is happening but we can tell you with confidence... that it is only enhancing you. We will delve more into the many benefits and again any questions or any more interest in finding out more please get in touch with us and we can all hopefully learn something new.


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