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Sauna Hats and the Science of Heating

"The Ice Breakers”

These hats have a multipurpose function.

Not only do they provide you with another level of street cred that you will never be able to gain anywhere else but they also actually provide many different purposes.

This thin woollen hat protects your head from the heat and delays that overheating sensation ♨️

One of the main health benefits from sauna bathing is to raise your body core temperature 🌡️

Doing this deliberately in a controlled environment like in Fad Saoil Saunas has many different health benefits 🫀

The science of heat and heating

up internally and externally has many profound effects on our body.

Heat applied properly as a stimulus can greatly enhance and trigger specific areas of the body for better performance physically and cognitively, for example,

by locally heating up your shell you can adapt certain types of fat as an energy source.

There are 3 types of fat

- [ ] White

- [ ] Beige

- [ ] Brown

By exposing your body to heat sources you can adapt certain types of fat in your body for greater energy purposes.

Brown and beige fat have greeter mitochondria content which is why it is good to source our energy from these sources by stimulating it through heat and cold therapies 🧊🔥

Your brain has neuron

s that can send signals to either heat up or cool down the body’s temperature.

Need to be careful when speaking about heating up your body as it can lead to

Hyperthermia in heat. This is when your body absorbs or generates more heat than it can release 🗣️

But other reasons why you would use this Viking styled baby is because it is

important to protect your hair from becoming brittle and dry from consistent sauna use 👱‍♂️👱‍♀️

but, but but,

The main purpose we have created these hats is to start conversations 🗣️

These hats are the perfect

'Ice Breaker' to start all sorts of conversations in any setting whether it be in the sauna or be your new festival hat or summer bbq setting.

This multipurpose viking hat represents everything that we are about at Fad Saoil which is starting conversations in a fun unique and healthy way, giving us a chance to communicate and educate to our communities and inspire others by being brave enough to step out of the norm and represent your personality by wearing bright and vibrant colours.

So step out of that comfort zone , try the hat,see what doors it opens for you and embrace the unknown journey ahead 🙌🏽🔥

As always ,

Fad Saoil x


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