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Refresh Your Mind

Hi everyone! Hope we are all a bit more hopeful going forward with the numbers having stopped increasing compared to last week, definitely not out of the woods yet but certainly heading in the right direction 😊

We all know the doom and gloom of a lockdown, and how easily it is to fall into despair not knowing what to do with an abundance of time and no routine in place to help navigate your way, but with a bit of concentration you can put your time to great use 😊. I have recently reverted to my own research on Saunas, and found a new purpose of refreshing my mind during a time where free time for many of us is not at a premium. Now is the time to get back into reading and refresh your mind on your own previous research or a completely new topic, educate yourself and reignite that childish part of your brain which used to question everything in existence, constantly curious! With that a perfect opportunity for us to learn about something that always caught your attention throughout the years but you never had the time to educate yourself. A way to repurpose a time in many of our lives that might have been perceived as almost redundant, a purpose to keep you going 😊

I have really enjoyed revisiting my own research on Saunas and making sure that I most definitely practice what I preach, and just after a short amount of reading I realised that I had forgotten some of the finer details which I did really need to brush up on. We are all human and all prone to forget certain things, absolutely no harm in regaining that intellectual sharpness that the last year could have dulled! Not to mention that there is always new research coming out, what you could have learned a number of years ago could be greatly benefitted by new information from the recent years 😊

We at Fad Saoil Saunas hope to continue in this light and prove all of you with the most up to date research on Sauna use, in our best interest too and it always seems to be good news to share 😊

As for specific Fad Saoil news, as you could imagine, there’s not much unfortunately but we are still working hard behind the scenes to try our best to be back with a bang once we are given the go-ahead. If you wish to support us until then, we have a number of Fad Saoil items in stock so please visit our website below to see if there is anything you fancy 😊

Fad Saoil Shop:

Use Code “fadsaoilfleeces” for €10 off our Fad Saoil Fleeces on checkout!

Fad Saoil x

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