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Quality of Life

We have previously talked about how important it is for us to celebrate life and not take it for granted, proactively make each day a good one as you know you can be responsible for your own physical and mental wellbeing. It takes two to tango, it’s a skill in itself to realise the opportunity to celebrate, then letting yourself to do so and actively improve your quality of life when given the opportunity. It is of course a tough act to balance, however one we hold in high importance as improving your quality of life is about mixing entertainment and hard work, getting the best out of both worlds, not neglecting the positives both can bring, and that is what we are all about at Fad Saoil Saunas 😊

On recognising a time to celebrate, watching the British & Irish Lions match the past weekend was an opportunity, huge congratulations to the lads! We have had this reminder multiple times over the last 16 months but the match surrounded by friends and strangers reminded me of the lack of celebrating we have all gone through, it seemed forever since I’ve experienced a raw and beautiful atmosphere like that, and I am very grateful for the chance to celebrate a bit, finally feels like we are getting our lives back! We should not shy away from celebrating the good things in life, it’s what we live for, and what keeps us happy so when you have the chance to, go and grab it! 😊

We also have exciting times ahead with the announcement of our new area of operations in Shankill (sneak peak of what we are aiming for below), this is something that we are celebrating internally but still there is work to be done. We hope to be able to be there for our community to help recover from when we all inevitably celebrate a bit too much and deal with repercussions celebrations can have as life moves fast and it’s not ideal playing catchup. The important thing is to not feel guilty, life is there to be enjoyed, just be proactive in planning your recovery, and that is where we hope to offer our services to truly revitalise the body through active hot & cold immersion, it is a game changer! Don’t believe us? All we can say is try it out for yourself, as we revisit this great quote once again by the poet John Keats,

"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced."

We can’t wait for our venture to be up and running in Shankill, we assure you that it will be amazing regardless, but if you’re feeling like you want to treat yourself and want to support the development of our space in Shankill, then how about a purchase of our Acupressure Mats 😊 Until we can offer the heat, you can relieve stress and relax using one of our Acupressure Mats, setting the time aside to care for your own physical and mental well-being ❤️ And any purchase in July (only a few days remaining 😉) will come with FREE Massage Balls! 👇

As always we have a lot in store for the coming weeks, have to keep a few secrets from you all still 😉, thank you again for another great week through your support, let’s keep this momentum going and let’s smash this week! Remember your quality of life is important 😊

Fad Saoil x

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