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Not the most pleasing of daily headlines over the last week since our last blog, and a blog which was all about mental health, doing what you can to keep your head high, kill the negativity with positivity. Appreciate that it’s a lot easier said than done, however amidst increasing restrictions and large numbers, it’s of upmost importance that we do just that, we need to make sure that us as individuals do what we can to make the best out of a bad situation, do things that make you happy, stay positive, both physically and mentally 😊.

Us at Fad Saoil Saunas are crossing every body part possible in hopes that we can be there to provide our service for our amazing community for the foreseeable, as we know that we are an integral part in providing that positivity that we all need in times like these. Not only helping our community reap the physical and mental benefits that Sauna use can provide, but also keeping sea swimming part of peoples’ routines with providing the glorious heat entering into the colder months of the year. Keeping sea swims alive, keeping those physical activity numbers up, a healthy body, and a healthy mind, allowing for us as a community to fight through this depressive period, building a positive perspective for each one of us with our health as our foundation 😊.

If you haven’t heard or seen already, we are doing scheduled maintenance next week for our Sauna usually at the Forty Foot so it will not be open for bookings, but don’t worry our Sauna at the Sandycove Store and Yard will still be piping hot for you and available to book from 6am to 6pm all the days which the Sauna is not at the Forty Foot! 😊 We hope to have the Forty Foot Sauna back in action for the following week, Wed 28th October. The Fad Saoil Yard is only 350m away from the sea, so for those who love their dips pre and post Sauna, you now can get those steps in too 😉. Our Sauna will be there for the much-needed heat, also a private table and seats for you to sit back relax, rejuvenate, and recover with you and your guests. While with us at the Fad Saoil Yard, you can also order lovely juices from The Juice Boxx and whatever you fancy from the café, all the hot drinks you could desire, along with tasty treats and savoury eats. Instead of standing in a que, you’re relaxing in our Sauna, or at the table in the private area where you will be provided your order. A truly unique Spa Café experience 😊.

Keeping the positive note going, we released our chat with Isaac Bulter who was the latest talented music artist to give our “Sauna Sessions” series a go, such a nice guy who we will definitely been keeping up with as he starts to rise and shine 😊. Please go show your love and support to him, like many industries, the music industry has been hit hard by this pandemic, and a bit of support would go a long way. Isaac (@isaacbutler1 on Instagram) and other amazing acts have been responsible for so many smiles, laughs, and beautiful experiences over the years, which can easily be forgotten about when all other aspects of life are so hectic! Hoping we can provide an outlet for them through the “Sauna Sessions” series, we love them, and we know you do too 😊.

Our chat with Isaac

Isaac Bulter's "Sauna Sessions" Episode

As always, we have a lot more to come, hope you enjoy the journey with us! Have a great week & most importantly STAY SAFE!

Fad Saoil x

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