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Many Hands Make Light Work

We are over two weeks into November, for us at Fad Saoil and for many of our community and beyond, that has been two weeks of Movember, each and everyone of us doing our bit to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Our “Fad Saoil Family” Movember Team has raised nearly €8,000 thus far, tremendous efforts from all involved, feel like a very proud parent right now! 😊 Our fight is not finished however, we can still make a bigger difference, to those involved please keep up the amazing work! And for those not involved, your support will be greatly appreciated 😊

Fad Saoil Family:

Now we do understand it is a tough time to be living in, money could be tight, and Christmas only (sort of 😉) around the corner, it’s tough to support when you don’t feel so supported yourself, but do know a helping hand and meaningful words can do a world of justice, donating is not the only way you can offer your support.

Our efforts during November are for men’s health, however we understand that you may have something closer to your heart which you’d prefer to support, we too hope to support many other causes throughout the months but for the time being we urge everyone to help in a way they can, you truly never know when you could be the one needing the help, be proactive and preventative, not reactive and regretful.

Just here trying to provoke action from those around us, if we all stepped up, just a small amount, the impact we could make would be incredible, we can leave the world a better place than what we found it. Try to think of your actions being part of a bigger picture and it’s easy to fathom that your actions are actually making a difference, hope that gives you the motivation you need. Easy to forget this child’s rhyme as an adult, but its still as relevant as ever, “many hands make light work”.

Hope this has motivated some to go have a smashing week, you deserve it! As for us, we hope to be back as soon as we can with our Sauna heat, other than that we don’t have any major news for you this week unfortunately, however keep an eye on our social medias to keep up to date with all that is Fad Saoil 😊

Stay Safe & Fad Saoil x

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