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“Limitless Series”

Chris Hemsworth and Ross Edgley

This is a series produced and shot by The National Geographic and can be seen on Disney Plus

Each episode follows Chris in search to live a more fruitful and ‘better’ life by pushing himself

to the ‘limit’ in some shape or form to maximise his health to live longer and healthier.

It is a show that is both exhilarating and contemplative because it’s never just about the challenges that are set out. The adventure is actually exploring the long term benefits of these many practices and the impacts that they can have on any human being by implementing some of these rituals into a weekly routine.

It’s a series that intellectually engages with the audiences and explains the long term benefits of these lifestyle choices. It equips Chris with an artillery of tools and methods to overcome and adapt his body and lifestyle in order to improve and be able to be focused on the task ahead.

“One of the best ways to manage stress is to confront it head on”

Not only does the series go into the physical adaptations these adjustments can make to our bodies but, it communicates the information in an animated dialogue that makes the information being explained accessible to such a mass audience.

It passes what I like to coin,

“The Granny Test” with flying colours.

(If your granny can understand it than it’s been explained very well)

It delves into an array of

‘lifestyle pillars’ and different cultures and how just thinking differently can have such impacts on your life and how you perceive the experiences.

It delves into 6 key pillars of life experiments

-Stress Proof

-Cold Shock & Heat Shock





Episode 2 is a personal favourite as they delve into the benefits of hot and cold shock repsonse and the amazing health benefits through the use of Sauna and Sea Swimming in the arctic and the effects that this has on your physiology and psychology. It goes deep into the contrasting therapies and how accessible it is to anyone out there 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

So happy to see a star of Chris Hemsworth calibre team up with experts and one of my favourites Ross Edgley (adventure athlete and sports scientist) communicate the importance of these lifestyle habits that can help so many people with just having intent and commitment.

A Must Watch for anyone who wants to ,

-improve their lifestyle

-learn more about their body

-unlock the potential of your body

-explore the power of your mind

-search for a better outlook on life

-get a different perspective

-be entertained

What more could you want ?

“To Long Life”

“Fad Saoil”

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