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Getting back to Action

We appreciate this time is tough and has been tough for months now, many of us may have started to fall short in our physical and mental wellness. It is important to know that nothing and nobody is to blame, start today as your fresh start, a better beginning for the rest of your life. Keeping fit and healthy ultimately leads to happiness, we all know the saying “a healthy body is a healthy mind” and that is something we really value at Fad Saoil Saunas and want to communicate to our community 😊.

There are many ways to keep yourself healthy, but what you need to do is find something enjoyable, something you can do with friends or family, an activity which is intrinsically motivated which basically means you do the activity for your own sake, as you enjoy it and you can share that enjoyment with the people around you. When it comes to sticking with an activity, research has shown that being intrinsically motivated as opposed to extrinsically motivated is much more beneficial for continuous involvement. To be extrinsically motivated it is your involvement due to wanting a reward or money for example, which as you can imagine can become a negative approach to life.

We at Fad Saoil Saunas love to swim and the community swimming has to offer, a great form of exercise which is intrinsically motivated for many people. However, there are many forms of physical exercise which will get you on your road to a better self, and if you try something and you don’t think it’s right for you, don’t give up, try something new 😊.

A lovely way to keep yourself engaged in your physical activity is to have a few games and challenges with your friends and family, a bit of healthy competition never goes amiss 😉. This could be something as simple as trying to beat each other’s step counts of the days or weeks, or even a goofy diving competition when you’re down for a swim, bring a bit of joy into everything you do!

Also as you probably know, healthy eating is very important, to get all the correct nutrients and vitamins your body needs for its basic function but then also with exercise you will need to eat right to get the necessary recovery for your muscles. Our friends over at The Juice Boxx (@thejuice_boxx) are very good a jam packing a load of nutrients and vitamins into bottles, a great way to get your 5-a-day if you’re looking.

Recovery is key and we know that at FSS, that’s why we have pivoted during this period of not operating the sauna and have been promoting and selling the Oofos Sliders as a way to keep your feet happy and help you on your road to recovery after all your exercise bouts. We are really happy to be hearing such good feedback from our community about them 😊, we want everyone to feel the comfort so as of right now if you purchase two pairs, you can get the third pair for free with the code “Fad Saoil Summer”!

We just recently announced our new ambassadors for Fad Saoil Saunas, they are all very into their physical exercise and use our sauna often for its recovery benefits (as well as performance aids from our last blog 😊). Sauna helps them in their respective sporting fields so there is no reason why sauna can’t help you when we are back in operation.

For those who don't know our new ambassadors are not new people, these are people who have been supporting us from the start and are active members of the Fad Saoil Sauna Community. They are “REAL PEOPLE” who mean a lot for our service and represent what we do at Fad Sauna Saunas in a positive light. With all that we are very proud to announce these real people have signed on as our Ambassadors.

Dee Newell: (Dee from the Sea)

The wonderful Dee Newell, or “Dee From The Sea”, has agreed to sign with us 🤗. We are really happy to have Dee on board as Dee embodies what we are all about at FFS, taking the plunge all year round and “Embracing the Unknown” for years! Dee is a very active member of the swimming community and an accomplished long distance swimmer, she has embraced the water in many places around the world, even the icy water of Antarctica. Dee loves open water swimming with that feeling of openness and connection to nature, also a lover of our environment spreading care in whatever way she can.

Instagram Handle: @dee_from_the_sea

Claire Walsh:

The amazing Claire Walsh has agreed to sign with us. Claire is an active sea swimmer and free-diver who had been an active part of the FFS community, year after year, dive after dive. As an 8-time national record holder in free-diving, Claire represents “Embracing the Unknown” in all aspects of life. She is an all year-round sea swimmer and ‘blue mind’ advocate, passionate about life in, on and underwater and what it can teach us about how to live on land.

“The practice of holding your breath underwater has been the greatest wellness tool I've experienced”. Claire can hold her breath for 6 minutes, for all you Queen fans that’s the whole Bohemian Rhapsody song! And has reached 60 meters in depth. Incredible feat by Claire and why we're very proud to have her part of our team.

Instagram Handle: @clairewalshlife

Harry McNulty:

The talented Harry McNulty aka Saltynuts has agreed to sign with us 🤗. Harry is a professional rugby player for the Irish 7’s National Team, as well as a professional videographer, traveling the world through his work leaving everything else in his wake 😉. If he’s not seen with a rugby ball in his hand he sure will have a camera, a true Jack of all trades. Amidst his busy life Harry has been part of our ever growing FFS community from the start. Harry has been with us from the start of our journey and has helped us with expertise in videography, photography and spreading of the word about our service. Harry very much lives by a mantra of if you are able to help someone out then you should.

Simple, effective, and REAL.

Instagram Handle: @saltynuts_

Some line-up we are beginning to develop at Fad Saoil Saunas, can’t wait to see what the future will bring with this incredible team on board.

But for now,

Fad Saoil!

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