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Get Involved, Get Hairy, Get Active!

Today marks the start of a new month, the 1st of November, and also 1st day of Movember where our great community has come together for the better once again, we have a wonderful team together to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health over the month of November. We want to put a smile on all your faces, as we know how important a smile can be in keeping that positivity going as we navigate through these unfavourable conditions we are living with at the moment. There has been such amazing feedback and support for our team even before we officially kicked off Movember, huge testament to how we have a community full of outstanding individuals! Thank you for that, it means so much to us!

Even though Movember has officially started, it is never too late to get involved and do your bit to show support for a great cause, the more the merrier so…. Get Involved, Get Hairy, Get Active! 😊

Fad Saoil Family Movember Team:

We know many are excited that there is only two months left of 2020, just counting down the days ‘til this year is put behind us. It has been a turbulent year to say the least with everything globally that has gone on, but amidst all the negative cloud weighting over 2020 there has been a bright light of positive moments that has shone through. We have an incredible amount of things to be proud of that have happened in 2020, but its so important to realise them and not focus on the negative as we might be inclined to, we want all our community to reflect and amplify the positives of 2020! 😊 I think everyone can agree 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a yeah thus far, ups and downs for us all, however when has a rollercoaster not been a cool memory in the end 😉 let’s bring that perspective back into our lives.

Hope everyone saw our “Fad Saoil Accupressure Mat” launch earlier in the week, just one of the merch launches we have lined up for the near future for the Fad Saoil Community, hopefully a lot more to come during the coming weeks 😊.

Check out the mat’s here:

Enjoy the swimming over November as many have committed to taking the plunge each day for Movember, unfortunately we won’t be able to warm you up this month so please make sure you do so yourself! the sea can be unforgiving, so please swim with care, and of course, stay safe! 😊

Fad Saoil x

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