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Fan Sábháilte (Stay Safe)

We have started every blog recently with great news or just great enjoyment of the week just gone, this week is similar as we’ve had another great week of operations as we have been building great momentum since our reopening. We as a community have been picking up the pieces as COVID-19 left us in its wake, trying to rebuild has been a tough process but one we have finally started to gain some momentum, much like Fad Saoil Saunas, we are one the right track. However, our strong momentum could be derailed if we do not take extra care, with news of rising daily case numbers in the last week, numbers we haven’t reached since May, we are making sure to cherish these moments as we, like everyone else, are unsure what will be the outcome of entering these uncharted waters.

We of course will be firing ahead with our operations; we are aware but positive going forward and therefore we will keep our great momentum going. We have thoroughly enjoyed that we have been able to provide sunrise sauna slots on a Wednesday and Thursday, it is wonderful we have been able to expand our operations to facilitate our community with more revitalising sauna time 😊. In the future we will be looking into increasing the days of which the sauna is in operation, but for now it will remain Wednesday through to Sunday.

We will be having merch announcements this week, apologies for the delay as we know many of you are excited as we are! The long-awaited arrival will make it that much more special 😊.

We know how much a lot of you loved the “Sauna Sessions” episode with Jack Joyce, catch it on our YouTube channel 😉, we were never going to stop there, the series will be continued as we have another artist waiting to record his acoustic set in our Sauna. We can’t wait to get another episode under our belt, it was such fun making the last one! Aiming and hopeful of the launch of our very own “Sauna Session Ep.2” next week so get excited 😊.

We are also going to be helping out @flossieandthebeachcleaners this week, helping out by taking part in a clean at Seapoint beach, check out there instagram for more details 😊.

We all have people we care about, as well as a community of people which have put in an incredible amount of work to make our lives feel like normal again, it is the new normal which comes with just a few guidelines to follow, we urge everyone to think about the safety of your family, friends, co-workers, and community. Please follow the guidelines set by the HSE to give us our best shot at continuing such great momentum that we’ve worked so hard to build, we are one and we are in this together! 😊

Thank you & stay safe!

Fad Saoil x

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