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Fad Saoil Summer 2022

Fad Saoil Saunas Summer 2022

It’s important to look back reflect to be able to keep moving forward with a smile and positivity for what lies ahead

What a summer to say the least. It's been a privilege to continue to build a team, expand to different locations, learn from many many many mistakes to keep this mission alive.

I know I say this often but as we come into the colder months this practice is where it begins to thrive!

We’re only getting started for Sauna Season and we cannot wait for those of you to join and take the plunge by pressing this reset button for your physically and mentally.

Here is a quick snapshot of how the summer of 2022 went for us;

Bettr With Greg & Tiglin -

It's been a wild summer to say the least.

Lets go right back to the start. Setting up our sauna home At Rise At The Cove Café. To say it's been seamless would be an understatement.

We get to work with one of the most incredibly resilient men I have had the pleasure to ever meet. Get to know their stories (all completely different), get an actual understanding of what addiction means and help them with their journey by implementing healthy lifestyle choices into their weekly routines. We have had the pleasure hosting our first Wellness Experience classes with a very close friend especially during this journey Greg O Shea.

Invited to the Áras-

Communicating Educating and Inspiring people about the powers of the sauna is our mission. We want to incorporate all healthy life to this unique environment. We had the honour being asked to attend to meet the president of Ireland for our efforts with Tiglin at the summer garden party to celebrate community, and creativity (which still has not really sunk in).

Irish Tatler Awards-

We were Nominated for the 2021 Highly Commended Best Wellness Experience of 2021 even though we had only technically operated for 6 months of business after setting up in 2019. Its amazing to see the impact this experience is having an the many communities we have been so grateful to be welcomed into and showcase how sauna bathing and sea swimming can have so many positive health benefits on the longevity of you and your health.

We caught up with Ryan Tubridy on his visit down to the café which was amazing to be able to speak to him about all things sauna and sea swimming. We also met with the minister of health Simon Harris and was delighted to see the positive message and environment created at our home in Greystone’s.

Beach Clean ups in Bray- we were so lucky to be introduced into the Bray community back in November 2021 during a historic week for Irish Rugby and Fad Saoil Saunas. It was great to be able to give back to the beautiful coastlines of bray and see some faces we would have had the pleasure to offer our services to that week who often make the journey over the cliff to Greystones!

Galway Sauna - This truly was a pinching moment for me personally as this is where the journey began. This is where the concept really started to curdle and combine the 2 practices of both Irish sea swimming and sauna bathing. Setting up our Salthill Sauna and more importantly growing our team to where we are today before the “Sauna Season”.

Sauna Hats Merchandise- Educating to our community how Sauna Hats work. We managed to produce our new sauna hats to help our guests endure the sauna room for longer periods of time by protecting your head from the heat. Having the thin layered woollen hat allows your head to not overheat too quickly as your head is the most exposed part of the body to hottest heat in the room as it is the highest point in the room where the hot air has risen to. We have really started to see people dedicating their time for themselves with healthy daily habits to enhance their lifestyles.

First Retreat-

We hosted our first Fad Saoil Sauna retreat with the amazing duo of Leanne Fogarty and Rebecca Jax down at the “Fad Saoil Lodge”.

It was a weekend of gratitude, education and friendships made through experience. The weekend was full of multiple practices hosted by the girls with the main theme of AKA meaning Aliveness Kundalini Activation. This is a spiritual process, it is an energy transmission of life force energy. It's a very natural and safe process. There is no force. Everyone receives what they are ready for. Naturally adjusting & returning back into alignment.

The space is held & a a container is created where this life force energy can be intensified + activated. It's a down force energy that enters your system through the top of your head and travels down throughout your energetic pathways. Clearing & purifying your system from emotional energy blockages , connecting and aligning your energy centres , raising your vibration, shifting your perception and helping you to access higher stages of awareness. All you have to do is surrender , let go , trust and be open to the experience with no expectations.

Sauna Sessions-

The beloved Sauna Sessions is back! We hosted Cian O Melia who is an inspiring story. This was a special moment with; @cianomelia and @fadsaoilsaunas where our concept of ‘Sauna Sessions’ comes back with a bang 🔥 We know what it’s like taking the road less traveled and it’s not easy. We always live by our value of; “If you can help someone else, then you should.” It’s been a difficult few years for everyone and for many professions. Artists have taken a serious hit like many others as they have not been able to perform. How can we help????? We wanted to provide a music platform to showcase our nation's homegrown talent and to show how the sauna is much more than ; ‘A HOT ROOM’ 🧖‍♀️

Cian has a fascinating unique journey with music🎼 Self Taught, Songwriter and Singer who performs with passion and through his experiences. He sings proudly with what he has achieved in his life with everything that has been thrown at him and how he time and time again ‘stands firm to be free’ with the journey ahead 🙌 Delighted to have Cian be our First Sauna Sessions recorded in our new shipping container sauna in our new home in @rise_at_the_cove @tiglincarraigeden ❤️ Cannot thank @dylantarmey FROM @fracturedvibevisuals for capturing the magic in our special sauna room and delivering as always 👏 Looking forward to seeing what you think of these amazing songs Song Names; 1)How Many Souls 2)Your Spirit Came Looking For Me

Gym+Coffee Partnering-

“One of the most unique collaborations I’ve been a part of”

(Diarmuid Mc Sweeney Gym plus Coffee Co Founder and Owner)

On Saturday August 20th there was 2 yoga classes (50 in each) in both our Sauna locations to collaborate with Gym Plus Coffee Launching their brand new super comfortable ‘Luna Line” From an event perspective we were delighted to host and collaborate with only the best of the thriving Irish wellness industry. Such an amazing, kind, generous community to be a part of with so many unique walks of life coming together to highlight and amplify all things; -Physical & Mental Wellbeing -Community -Making Life Richer -Embracing The Unknown

These wonderful groups were hosted by the amazing Yoga Mara and Sarah Downes in Co. Galway and by the gregarious Siobhan Mc Donnell Byrne in our Wicklow studio for their morning yoga flow in two totally new unique settings. Coffees and treats were welcomed and provided by Jamie at the Barista Bus (who seemed to be very popular!) in Co. Galway and by Rise At The Cove Cafe in Greystones Co. Wicklow followed by ’Taking The Plunge’ and Embracing The Unknown with us for some Heat and Cold Contrast Therapies at Fad Saoil Saunas. This is what this collaboration is about. Opening the community doors to go welcome all to go and try these things you’ve seen, heard, spoken about but, never have you ever ‘EXPERIENCED’ it and as we always say, “You never know anything until you’ve experienced it” (John Keats). A day of firsts for so many. First Sauna, First Yoga Class, First Irish Sea Swim. I know it was our first Gym + Coffee Fad Saoil Saunas collaboration, but I know it won’t be our last. Thank you to the unsung heroes who all played their part in hosting, organising and facilitating literally the most heart warming event we’ve been a part of.

Movember Top Fundraising Team:

Absolutely delighted to bring home;

“The top overall fundraising team” for the Movember Campaign of 2021 with our

Fad Saoil Saunas Family 👨🏻

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide.

We managed to raise over €50,000 euro of much needed funds through our team doing various challenges from all of our Fad Saoil Family team members 🙌🏽 Throughout the month of Movember Campaign we also offered our sauna services for free to anybody taking part because … that’s what it’s all about 🙌🏽

Movember is a charity close to our hearts as it’s about creating awareness and having conversations about things (that in particular young men) find difficult to talk about.

This outstanding achievement from all of our team members is one of the proudest milestones that Fad Saoil Saunas have reached in our short stint of business.

Fad Saoil Saunas is a community building business. The business doesn’t exist without the communities that promote these healthy activities such as sauna bathing, sea swimming and chatting amongst friends in a comfortable environment that promotes to do so.

All of these activities have unique environments that although may seem to have a different concentrated focus be it running , swimming or a physical recovery standpoint , but they all have a common compounding affect and that is highlighting the importance of;


All of these communities allow an opportunity for people to speak about the experience of that swim , of that cycle, of that sip of coffee that breaks the ice to open the floor of conversation. To allow it to take place, to go that layer deeper and share what problems (no matter how big or small) you may be faced with. It’s an important reminder to us all as we get ready for the times of change ahead that we have to remember to slow down, look after each other, communicate to one another with respect, give one another time and to listen.

It’s a reminder to us all not to take our relationships for granted and to be there for one another when it’s really needed.

A striking quote to capture this message from Bernard Shaw depicts it perfectly ;

“The biggest flaw of communication is the illusion that it has taken place” (George Bernard Shaw)

Thank you again to Movember for having me on board again as an ambassador to keep repeating this message and I am already looking forward to showcasing my milk line in the weeks to come 🙌🏽

Fad Saoil x

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