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Fad Saoil Family

Slightly saddened by the fact that we are unable to operate during this 6 week lockdown period after such optimism in last weeks’ blog (whoops 😉), really sorry that we can’t be there as we know how much joy we can bring to our community, our family, our friends, but we have decided to not let our heads drop as it is simply out of our control, we can accept the current situation we are all in and we look at ways to keep happy and busy during this “time off”. It certainly is an alternative way of spending our time, but our time will be well spent as there really is loads behinds the scenes to catching up on, as well as future plans to keep all of you exciting even when our hot air isn’t there! 😊

An immediate plan to get our whole community involved and uplifted is our recently launched “Fad Saoil Family” Movember Campaign! This is our very own Fad Saoil team for our community and beyond to get involved in 😊. If we come together, we can be proud to combine our individual efforts into a great team offer in support of men’s health. Teamwork is dreamwork at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen, so we would love for you all to join the “Fad Saoil Family” Movember Team, join our efforts and be part of something that will hopefully shed a positive bright light on the coming weeks 😊. If you are not familiar with Movember, it is where people come together to support and raise funds for men’s health during the month of November, all can contribute in your own way, whether that be to grow a breath-taking moustache, or get active in whichever way you wish to “Embrace the Unknown”, raising funds for your efforts or donating to those taking part, or even spreading the word and showing support during the month of November, there is something for everyone 😊

You can join our Fad Saoil Family’s Movember here: Right now we are living in a time where positivity isn’t sky high, we hope that you can join us in our efforts to bring those frowns upside down and have a bit of fun over the coming weeks, not only to keep us optimistic but to also provide for those who are less fortunate during these outstanding times. If you want to get involved by joining our team or donate please follow the link above, or get onto us directly, there are no strangers to our family, we are one, and we are all in this together 😊

Other than that we don’t have too much news that we can tell you right now but stay tuned! We hope everyone is well and safe, do things that put a smile on your face over the next few weeks until life resumes (like joining our Movember Campaign 😊), please take care of yourselves both physically and mentally, and then we’ll be back in no time to help you along the way 😊 Fad Saoil x

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