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Connecting With Our Community

This past weekend was without doubt one to remember, if you hadn’t seen we actually ended up operating as part of a private event in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, and though it was only a small event, what an event it was! We got to offer our services, Sauna & Ice Baths with a beautiful view of the Rock of Cashel, alongside Yoga classes, and a café offering refreshments and goodies. None of this would have been possible if we didn’t interact with our amazing community, and hopefully this is the start of more Fad Saoil community interaction going forward 😊.

Leanne Fogarty (@align_with_leanne on Instagram) was the main organiser of the event in Cashel, this woman is some doer getting all involved including ourselves and Thanxalatte (@thanx_alatte on Instagram) to really make this event something special. The event was run for two groups, the extended local community in Cashel where Leanne is from, and also the Cashel rugby team where Leanne is the physio. Amazing to see someone step forward and provide this cool experience for their local community so kudos to Leanne!

The groups started with a Yoga session led by Leanne for about an hour followed by a quick workshop on the benefits of Sauna use and heat therapy, then we split the groups up to comfortably fit in the Sauna and Ice Baths for the invigorating hot & cold therapy experience. If the stretching with Leanne wasn’t enough to shock the system, we definitely had everyone covered! But it wasn’t a bad shock, each person ended up leaving with such a grin on their faces which was so fulfilling to see 😊. Though many didn’t find the sight of freshly topped up Ice Baths that appealing on their way into their Yoga session, everyone sure warmed up (pun intended 😉) to the idea after the proper heat our Sauna provided, everyone embraced the ice! All the time between groups alternating was spent chatting all things from recovery to Wim Hof breathing to new employment adventures with participants whilst sipping on a coffee from Thanxalatte 😊.

It was a simple day, but sometimes the simple things in life are the ones that go on without being acknowledged, so let me correct myself, it was a simply amazing day, one spent in a great place with even greater people! Cashel you were a blast and we will without doubt be back 😊. Thank you to Leanne and the people from Thanxalatte for making the day what it was!

As mentioned above none of this would have happened if we didn’t interact with our community, this past weekend in Cashel is an example of a great event which you can organise for yourself, your friends & family, your community. We are always happy to try and accommodate private hire of our Sauna if we can make it work, so keep us in your plans going forward and don’t be afraid to ask about availability! We want to facilitate unforgettable experiences for all our Fad Saoil community 😊

Other things are in the pipeline we assure you, events, new locations, merch, the list continues! In the meantime we got a big order of our Acupressure Mats in recently after popular demand, if you want to support our journey, make sure you get your own 😊

Fad Saoil Acupressure Mat:

Fad Saoil x

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