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Coldtober and what it highlights

It’s incredible to see the amount of Coldtober participants we have seen sign up this year for Coldtober and Fad Saoil Saunas 🙌🏽

This unique collaboration is not only helping creating mental health awareness but it’s amazing to see how people are seeing the importance of

'committing to a task you might not necessarily be comfortable with'.

(Swim Club Forty Foot 2019 October)

The cancel culture we will live in today leaves a big hole in our needs and satisfactions as human beings. Being in control of everything you do is all well and good but it never allows you to explore new opportunities that may test you.

It also promotes you to never fully commit to things cause within the click of a button you can change your mind about what you originally said you were going to do and not be held accountable.

Testing your capabilities can be so beneficial for your mental health, physical health because it breaks down barriers, it allows you to see progression when it’s not so easy to see sometimes, it allows you to gain perspective from another angle or point of view. Not having total control sometimes can be so refreshing sometimes as it allows you to just "COMMIT". Weather it be from a social accountability perspective, commitment to a team to train, commiting to visit somebody,

"not having an option makes it happen".

What’s even more important is to find environments that allow you to challenge yourself with like minded others.

Unique environments that promote you to be able to speak about;

‘the temperature of the sea today’

‘how tough you found that workout’

‘how the last thing you wanted to do was get out of bed’,

These environments are so important to find, visit and to embed experiencing them within your daily routines. These environments support you and your thoughts to allow you to know that you are not the only one thinking or feeling certain ways be it negative or positive.

Environments that are focusing on engaging with others, listening to others, sharing perspectives (and not always looking at the world just from an outwardly perspective) let’s you see relationships form, develop and mature. It highlights progression with one another. You begin to have a deeper understanding of each other within your own tribe of people.

Dedicating your time to speak about your experiences can help the decluttering in your head because until you actually allow it to leave your mouth it’s going to replay and pop up again somewhere else when you may not be in the best position to deal with it or have the equipment needed in order to overcome the problem or barrier you may be having or faced with.

The more you do it the easier it becomes it’s like anything. The more you challenge yourself the greater the growth , the greater the sense of accomplishment and the greater your self worth will feel.

"When you commit to something you accept no excuses only results" (Ken Blanchard)

Please be sure to tag us on your Coldtober journey as we love to see you all

Take The Plunge and Embrace The Unknown journey you are embarking.

To long live!

Fad Saoil!

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