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Celebrate With Us

In light of the Leinster’s win last night in the final of the PRO 14, congratulations by the way lads! It reminded me of the lack of celebrating we had all gone through, were our lives were painted with a slightly darker shade, looking back I am so grateful now that we have the chance to celebrate a bit, maybe not to the same extent as prior to COVID-19 however it is something good, and we should cherish it! We should not shy away from celebrating the good things in life, it’s what we live for, and what keeps us happy so when you have the chance to now, go and grab it! 😊

It’s on such a rare occasion though that we are able to celebrate without some form of repercussions, unfortunately as much as we might wish, life doesn’t revolve around us as individuals, life moves on and it’s not ideal playing catchup. We’ve all been there, maybe had one drink too many or stayed out a bit past bedtime, it happens, we are all human, and the next morning the coffee doesn’t seem to work when you want it to the most. Those days can be quite a struggle, however we have a trick up our sleeve which will most certainly revitalise the system, come down to us, take the plunge and jump in the Sauna, it’s a game changer compared to the morning coffee. Try it out for yourself, as we revisit this great quote once again by the poet John Keats,

"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced."

This week has been another one to savour, with bookings nearly full if not full all of the days at the Forty Foot, as well as our antics off the field with the launch of our brand new merch “Fad Saoil Towelies” which can be bought through the “SHOP” section of our website. Thank you for everyone who has purchased one so far, there is limited stock and they’ve been selling fast! We also released our interview with Paddy King of 49th & Main who featured on our second episode of “Sauna Sessions” which you can find on our YouTube Channel 😊, and if you didn’t see it we released the third episode of “Sauna Sessions” which is top quality with Harry Hudson Taylor of the famous Irish duo Hudson Taylor performing in our Sauna, you can see it here:

As always we have a lot in store for the coming weeks, have to keep a few secrets from you all still 😉, thank you again for another great week, let’s keep this momentum going and let’s smash the week to come! 😊

Fad Saoil x

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