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Busy Behind The Scenes

How’s it going everyone? Hope all are well and still sane with no Sauna, we will be back with a bang in just a matter of time 😊. It’s great to see many out and about getting their day to day physical activity in, out in the beautiful outdoors while gyms etc are closed like us. Its vital everyone gets out and enjoys the things you can still do, go for a walk, a run, cycle the hills, or even a dip in the chilly but rewarding Irish sea 😊, we’ll be back in no time to help you all with your physical activity recovery needs, as saunas have superb recovery benefits for our bodies! And remember all this movement will help get your head in the right gear, get up and out, as physical exercise promotes neurotransmitters which will elevate your mood, a healthy body truly leads to a healthy mind! 😊. Want to find out more, have a look at some of our Sauna and health benefits blog entries, such as our performance based one:

Some exciting news from our location at the Sandycove Store & Yard, we have a new beautiful mural finished on the previously white wall where the desk is, and it really does look amazing, can’t wait till you all see it! Unbelievably happy with how things have really come together in the last few months even amidst all the worlds issues 😊. The mural of Sandycove beach is down to the talented Garlic Designs ( who has been into our Yard location painting away while we have not been operating, just one of the many things we have been doing behind the scenes 😊.

Talking about behind the scenes, we’ve a number of Fad Saoil merchandise orders coming in very shortly, more unique items for all of you to enjoy, I know it’s early days just after Halloween but maybe even a few gift ideas for Christmas sorted through us 👀. We are not the pushy folk here but if not us, please remember to shop local to try our best to keep small businesses going through times like these, we are all in this together 😊.

Now onto our Movember campaign through the Fad Saoil Family, absolutely amazing from everyone involved with contributions from our entire team and you, our amazing community! In eight days, we’ve managed to raise over €4700 in aid of men’s health, and we are nowhere near done, hair will grow, and moves will be made, all throughout the month of November! Proudly doing our bit to support those less fortunate than us, and you can too, never too late to join in the efforts 😊.

Get Involved, Get Hairy, Get Active:

Fad Saoil x

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