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Building Memories Together

We’ve been nonstop the week just gone but one that was packed full of excitement so we are not complaining, we have many little and big projects in the pipeline to keep you hot and happy as the weeks roll on! We are actively striving towards having something to keep everyone engaged especially coming into the months where the Sauna really comes into its own.

We have had many new users and members to the Fad Saoil Community over the last two months since reopening post lockdown, many have said to us over the last while that hadn’t seen the Sauna down at the Forty Foot before,

“Oh it’s a Sauna, are you here during the winter?”

“This would be great when the weather gets gloomy!”

“Has this been here all year round?”

And the answer is a big happy YES! For those who didn’t know this is one of the main reasons the Sauna ended up being at the popular swimming location, to make sea swimming a more comfortable and toasty experience to get more and more people into year long sea swimming as its very beneficial to us! Not only the sea but combination with the heat from the sauna it can elicit some amazing health benefits which we all could do with 😊 (Check out our sauna health related blogs from before, more to come too!)

If you’ve started sea swimming, try to challenge yourself not to stop as we all know “Winter is coming” 😉, we will be here as the helping hand to continue on your watery adventures! And for those who’ve never tried the dip & Sauna… you’re missing out on a truly outstanding Irish experience!

Now onto some exciting news and things which you may have missed last week. On Friday evening we released the highly anticipated second episode of our new series “Sauna Sessions” where we get music artists to perform an acoustic set in our very own sauna! The latest episode featured the very talented Paddy King, who is half of the young Irish duo, 49th & Main. He performed two of 49th & Main’s original songs as well as a cover of “Read My Mind” by The Killers. Please go show the lads some love and support, as they deserve it, by checking out their Spotify and Instagram, both under 49th & Main. You can see the acoustic set on our YouTube channel below which is well worth a watch 😊 Don’t forget to follow for more quality content such as our chat with Paddy!

Paddy King (49th & Main) Sauna Session:

We had another special guest in last week for another episode of “Sauna Sessions” so stay tuned, it will be out for all to enjoy this week! 😊

We are also very happy to have partnered with Peninsula Ireland to provide all Fad Saoil Sauna staff with COVID-19 training and certification, another step towards providing our community with the best possible care and safety while using our services 😊.

You may have been able to grab a sneak peek at our new Fad Saoil Towelies that we got in, they will be available to purchase in our website through the “SHOP” section this week, robes that are actually premium cotton towels, what more could you ask for 😉.

All in all, a fantastic week of such variety! Another full Saturday and Sunday down at the Forty Foot too so a big thank you again to everyone who is supporting our journey!

To building memories together!

Fad Saoil x

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