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Better Days Have Arrived

The day we have all eagerly been waiting for, the lockdown has ended 😊 I hope its lived up to expectations even if it was only a Tuesday, but a Tuesday where some normality resumes and once again start the rebuilding process as without a doubt we have been broken a bit by the last 6 weeks, but as always we will try our best to come back even stronger and better as a community 😊.

Even amidst all the unideal circumstances we had found ourselves under during the last few weeks, we were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep the positivity that we had generated rolling well into the lockdown, and produced something quite amazing at the end, and that was our Movember Campaign! Did not expect such a huge signup and then further generosity from our community and beyond 😊 Unbelievably heart-warming that even when forced apart, we were able to come together, and provide €15,642 in funds in aid of Men’s Health this November. For our first year of the “Fad Saoil Family” Movember Team, we placed 14th in Ireland in money raised by a team which again is amazing! Seriously can’t thank everyone enough who had been involved, and I hope it put a huge smile on your face as it did mine. From us at Fad Saoil Saunas, thank you! x

Hopefully to further on the positivity and good news, we are back in operations! 😊 All slots for December are available to book right now through our website so get your seat for the heat booked for you and your pals or family, we’ve truly missed everyone and can’t wait to catchup from our time away! 😊

We hope you like the improvements we’ve made during our time away, get down to the Sandycove Store & Yard to see them in person, or even take a look at our improved website for all your Fad Saoil needs 😊 Hope everything is up to your standards, we are always trying our best to improve our service where we can, and the feedback from our community is always greatly appreciated.

For the time being all Sauna bookings will be through the Sandycove Store & Yard, great time to experience our new place if you haven’t already, a truly unique experience for all, and something to do with loved ones we’ve missed being with over the last period. We hope to have news for you regarding the Forty Foot Sauna shortly.

In other positive news, we have some lovely merch coming soon, our Fad Saoil Towelies are back in stock, we are doing vouchers for session in our Sauna, as well as a few Christmas ideas all to come 😊 so stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates as we are bound to have a few come the next week at least!

Fad Saoil x

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