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Amplify the Positivity

Hope that everyone has had a productive and uplifting week! And that everyone is trying their best not to get too worried and let the negative news from our countries case numbers cloud our positivity going forward. It’s is of utmost importance that we do not turn a blind eye to the world around us, but with negative news a lot can become negative in they way in which we feel and view the world, we all can choose to become negative from something that is out of our control, however we also can choose to keep positive. In every situation there is pros and cons, positives and negatives, there’s two sides to every coin. Acknowledge the negatives, amplify the positives. Do what you can, that is within your control, to keep positive and happy no matter what circumstances we are dealt with as a country going forward 😊.

In line with keeping positive and asking others for help if you’re not feeling so positive, we would like to draw your attention to the “Big Dip 2020” event in aid of The RISE (Recovery In a Safe Environment) Foundation, it will be held next weekend on October 10th at Killiney Beach 😊. We will be there to show our support for charity event and to support those taking part by providing them with the much needed heat with our Sauna 😊. If you missed it here’s out chat with Eve who’s part of The RISE Foundation, where she chats about the upcoming event and the help that the foundation provides for people suffering due to having loved ones with additive tendencies.


If you watched our chat with Eve, you would have seen that it was in our new Sauna at the Sandycove Store and Yard, and oh how we have come so far in the last few weeks, in particular the last week, we are so happy with how our new second area of operations is turning out! 😊 We got one of the walls painted with the Noodle Bagz design from our Fad Saoil swimwear collab and we are so happy, it looks amazing, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it were for the talented Shane Ha (@shane_ha) & Kayde (@inkfun) who painted the masterpiece, so a huge thank you! 😊 We got our beautiful shrubbery in from Emma Rose Floristry (@emmarosefloristry), adding a whole new dimension to our area with the outdoor spa tranquil vibes that the new plants bring, and of course a bit of privacy too 😉, huge thank you to Emma and her team and make sure to check them out while down at the Sandycove Store and Yard as they are our neighbours 😊. Huge thank you to all the Fad Saoil staff and family for their amazing work recently, making this who venture a possibility!

Just a reminder that you can now book your Sauna at the Forty Foot or at the yard up to a week in advance, no longer releases the weeks times on a Tuesday! Hopefully this suits you all more, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! 😊

Oh and do get excited as we have more and more in store for our lovely community 😊 No stopping our momentum! Look out for a brand new episode of “Sauna Sessions” which will be live over the next week 😊 We have more merch coming soon too, possibly some Fad Saoil Noodle Bagz (@noodlebagz) for you to purchase 😉.

Stay positive and stay golden!

Fad Saoil x

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