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A Month to Savour

A full month back in operation after this weekend, a month that has flown by because of much we have going on, us being busy bringing joy to our community. We work hard for our community but it’s hardly much “work” for us as we love doing it, your enjoyment for the things we do brings us enjoyment to do them, a win win situation 😊

During this busy month back in operations we’ve had an increased amount of freedom as to how we can improve our business when compared to the months of lockdown and uncertainty. We have most certainly started along the track of where we were before COVID-19 hit, and with all we have done over the last month we have really caught up on lost time! Our ability to keep busy and work on improving our business is largely down to you, our Fad Saoil Community, for your continued and growing support. We know this might not be something to rave on about but we were over the moon with Saturday just gone where from 8am to 4pm every single Sauna slot was booked, this is the first time this has happened since reopening and we are incredibly grateful for the knowledge that we are on the right track.

Other news that operations in this week coming to a close, we managed to get an interview with Jack Joyce (@jackjoycemusic) before the release of his new single “56 Roadster”. Jack was the first guest on our new series “Sauna Sessions”, a series which we are incredibly excited about 😊. Great to have him on, a very genuine lad well worth keeping an eye on as there’s big things to come from Jack in the future 😊. Catch the full interview, as well as the first episode of our “Sauna Sessions” series on our YouTube channel “Fad Saoil” (Subscribe for A LOT more).

This week just gone we also had our “Embrace The Unknown” competition which we asked our community to post a story on Instagram of them embracing the unknown as it meant to each person, we want to say thank you to all the entries and there was some great entries, however it’s a random pick and the winner will be picked and announced this evening shortly after this blog goes live. We plan to run multiple of these competitions to win some goodies so don’t worry if you missed out this time around, just stay tuned and we promise there will be more 😊.

However, it would be like us to have another blog but not another announcement (we may run out of announcements one day but until then 😉). And that announcement is… MIDWEEK MORNING SAUNA!! Yes that’s right, we’ve been given the go ahead to operate in the mornings midweek, we will not be operating all the week days for now, but starting next week (August 10th) we will be operating WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY morning from 6am to 10am! Booking times will not change so they will still be available on Tuesday at 1pm for the time being. We are so happy to be able to bring our community more opportunities to use our Sauna, not only because you have asked for it but also because we know how great a number of Sauna sessions a week can improve your health as opposed to just the one session. One session is great, but more is better as all the research shows a dose dependent effect on the amount of benefits attained through sauna use. Check out our number of health & performance related blog posts for more of the amazing benefits one can attain through sauna use.

As mentioned last week, we have some merch on the way but there’s been a few delays, but stay tuned as when they are most certainly on the way!

Another great week, and one full month under our belt back in operation, thank you!

Fad Saoil x

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