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Where can I leave my Belongings whilst using FSS? 

We don't accept responsibility for any belongings, we do however have space next to the sauna for you to leave your belongings and we will within reason try to keep an eye on them.  


Where are you currently located? 

We have our latest Sauna models located at;

The Rise At The Cove Studio in Greystones

The Boatyard Studio in Greystones

Salthill Studio In Galway

We are always looking to further our reach, hopefully we can work towards more locations soon.  


Can you book for a group? 

Yes, you can book a private slot for your group,. Booking a private session will be €110, the sauna slots are 30 minutes long, groups can be a maximum of 12 people. 


What COVID-19 precautions are you taking? 

We ask everyone when booking to fill out a COVID-19 form so we have the full capability to follow up on any of our users during this period. When arriving at the sauna we check all users temperature. Before entering the sauna we ask the users to sit on their towels and to allow the staff to operate the door as to avoid contact with surfaces. The staff will sanitise after each session. 


What days of the week is the sauna in operation? 

Rise At The Cove studio- MON-FRI 06:30-14:00 PM

SAT-SUN 07:30-17:00 PM

Salthill Sauna Studio 

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday  

07:00 - 13:00  PM

17:00 - 22:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday  

08:00 - 21:00 PM


What is your age limit?​ 

Our age limit is 18. 

This is a normal safety regulation standards for our type of service. We have the right of refusal without any proof of identification. 


Why is it 30-minute bookings? 

The reason for it being 30 minutes is that it is enough time to really relax and enjoy the benefits of the longer duration of heat stress to the body. You do not have to stay the full amount of time, you are welcome to exit and take a dip if you get too hot as we all have different heat tolerances, with consistent use you will be able to build that up gradually. 


What are the potential health benefits? 

Please check the health benefits section of our website where we have a lot of information for you to indulge in. We also have blogs in the blog section of our website which are solely dedicated to the potential benefits through the power of sauna. 


What do I get for my €10 fee? 

With your payment, you will guarantee the time of which you book for 30 minutes of our sauna at the seaside. You will avoid all potential disappointment when you book as you know you will have your seat at your preferred time.. 


Can you rent for private events? 

Yes please see our private hire section of our website. We would be able to arrange personal private rental sessions if we have availability. We have the right to refuse to take the booking if not meeting our needs and facilitation. 

There must be a minimum of 4 weeks notice prior to inquiry. 


Do you have prepaid session plans? 

We do have prepaid credit packages that are available to purchase through the Wunderbook App 

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