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About Fad Saoil Saunas

A health, wellness, and luxury service, with pride in promoting the physical and mental benefits through the power of Sauna.

Release, Relax, Recover

We are Fad Saoil Saunas, longevity as Gaelige, our journey began back in September 2019, beginning the journey of the Sauna embarking upon the Irish culture. Since then, we have sought out to challenge the perspective of what exactly a Sauna can provide to everyones life in an entertaining and inspiring way. Now our brand and service has been firmly established within the health, wellness, and the entertainment industries. We are privileged to have such a welcoming and growing community, and we can’t wait to incorporate your local community into ours.

We provide the facility of an outdoor traditional dry Finnish Sauna to enhance locations across Ireland. Our users are allocated 30-45 minutes to release, relax, and recover through the power of Sauna.

We are more than just our service, the Sauna can provide our community with mental & physical benefits associated with heat therapy, however we are always keen to enhance our communities experience through an educational and entertaining way, further enhancing ones’ quality of life. All our staff are always up for a chat, whether it be about expert Sauna knowledge or just keeping the smiles coming, we will facilitate!

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